Chicago Public Schools (2019-Present)


Partnering with Chicago Public Schools to strengthen school administrators as talent leaders in their buildings through the development of 12 training modules on key talent practices. Working across multiple departments to ensure alignment of vision for practices such as recruitment, selection, induction, leadership development and retention. Outcome: Project in progress now. Professional development modules on "Differentiated Teacher Retention" and "Launching REACH" (CPS's teacher evaluation system) have been facilitated for aspiring principals and current principals at CPS-wide summer leadership trainings.

Delaware Dept of Education (2018-Present)


Having partnered with the Delaware Dept of Education in various capacities since 2013, Hendy is currently leading the multi-year, statewide initiative to improve Delaware’s current teacher observation and evaluation rubric and process. Hendy is working closely with teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders to design, pilot and implement a new rubric that will support fair and accurate evaluations of teacher practice and will guide ongoing teacher development. Outcome: Project in progress now. Rubric developed through a collaborative process and is being tested across the state. 

KIPP Texas Public Schools (2019-Present)


Working with KIPP Austin beginning in 2015, then KIPP Houston beginning in 2017, Hendy is now supporting the integration of the KIPP Texas Public Schools' aligned talent development strategy through planning guidance and technical assistance to Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas - Ft. Worth regions. Outcome: Project in progress now. Alignment of teacher development, recognition and reward programs across cities. 

KIPP Texas: Houston (2017-2019)


Spearheading the multi-year design, implementation, and evaluation of a teacher pathways model across 30+ schools that supports the region’s long-term goals for teacher development, recruitment and retention. Outcome: 93% of teachers have a favorable review of their coaching experience; 15%+ greater retention of higher-performing teachers.

Washington Nationals YBA (2020)


Supported The Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy through partnering directly with the executive director to engage all levels of stakeholders in the collaborative generation of a 5-year strategic plan to deepen the “The Academy’s” impact. Outcome: Comprehensive strategic plan that highlights the need for the organization within the community, their unique value proposition, successes to date, stakeholder input, the long-term vision, and a plan to achieve that vision. 


Breakthrough Public Schools (2019-2020)


Supported Breakthrough Public Schools through several change management initiatives. Led a robust selection and onboarding process for the newly created Chief Community Officer position. Partnered with the CAO to implement a strategic redesign of the network’s academic leadership team. Led the creation, dissemination and implementation of human capital policies and procedures related to the remote re-opening of schools for the 2020-2021 school year. Outcomes: Chief Community Officer hired and successfully onboarded; Network Academic Team redesigned and fully operating in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year; 2020-2021 school year opened remotely with staff support through policies and practices.

NYC Chief Talent Officer Cohort (2018-Present)


Established in 2018 by Hendy Avenue, the Chief Talent Officer Cohort fosters collaboration and skill building with senior talent leaders in NYC charter networks, including Democracy Prep, DREAM, Ascend, Explore, Coney Island Prep, Public Prep, Hebrew Public, and Achievement First. Outcome: Monthly facilitated meetings focused on key talent topics; 100% of cohort members said their experience was extremely or very valuable and 100% said they are extremely or very likely to recommend the cohort to another talent leader.  

Brooklyn RISE Charter School (2020)


Consulted with the 2019 founded Brooklyn RISE Charter School school leadership and board members to develop a consistent, transparent and competitive employee compensation structure, setting the foundation for the school's growth. Outcome: RISE leadership adopted a consistent compensation structure and finalized salaries for the 20-21 school year.

Mastery Charter Schools (2019-2020)


Reviewed Mastery's existing teacher evaluation system and provided recommendations to Mastery leadership to identify short and long-term improvements, including a deeper review of the use of MAP assessments for a new K-8 student growth measure. Outcome: Identification of multi-year continuous improvement plan to enhance impact of the Teacher Advancement System.

Independence Mission Schools (2018-2019)


Partnered with IMS leadership to design teacher leadership positions and a standard compensation scale to support teacher retention and recruitment efforts across IMS’ 15 schools. This initial project led to Hendy supporting the network leadership teams through a comprehensive strategic planning process. Outcome: Teacher Leadership program called the Content Cohort created mathematics leadership positions in all schools. Hendy’s work with IMS on strategic planning yielded several scenario options for the Board of Directors to consider to achieve sustainability and mission-alignment. 

Promise Academy (2018-2019)


Coached school leaders and Board of Directors on key talent decisions. Previously, partnered with the Board of Directors to lead screening, selection, and hiring of all leadership and teacher positions for the newly opened alternative high school. Lead a decision-making process by the board regarding performance goals and metrics for top two school leadership positions. Outcome: Full staffing for the 2018-19 school year with high-quality educators.

Hebrew Public (2018-Present)


Currently supporting Hebrew Public’s chief schools officer and network team in determining priorities and methods for improving math teaching and learning across their four schools. Outcome: Project in progress now. Previously, facilitated the creation, introduction and execution of a network-wide staffing strategy to revamp the sourcing, screening and selection of teachers and leaders across the network. Outcome: Full staffing for 2018-19 school year with high-quality educators. Designed, modeled and implemented organization-wide teacher compensation strategy. Outcome: Launch of a transparent, sustainable and competitive salary scale for current and prospective teachers. 

KIPP MA Public Schools (2017-2018)


Partnered with regional leaders to design and pilot a teacher evaluation and development framework with a corresponding career pathway to help teachers improve their practice and meet their long-term professional goals. Outcome: Region-wide performance management system sand structures with strong teacher and leader buy-in.

Cleveland Metro School District (2016-2017)


Developed a series of trainings for administrators to successfully evaluate and develop their teachers using a version of the Danielson Framework. Trainings include a focus on both observer calibration and quality feedback for improvement. Outcome: School leaders across the district enhanced their ability to develop teacher practice through accurate, collaborative classroom observations and debrief conversations.

Aspire Public Schools (2017-2018)


Supported impact analysis of evaluation and compensation strategy through policy review, interviews and surveys of key stakeholders, and comprehensive field research. Created recommendations for improved talent structures. Provided direct advisory support to team lead throughout change management process. Outcome: Launch of a multi-year strategy for revisions to evaluation, development and compensation policies across all four regions.

Independence Mission Schools (2017-2018)


Conducted observations of over 50 classrooms to assess instruction using the newly adopted teacher framework. Coached administrative teams to develop skills in managing and supporting teachers. Interviewed stakeholders and supported the creation of a Catholic Culture component of the newly adopted teacher framework. Outcome: IMS has clear data to guide their efforts at teacher development and the implementation of the new teacher framework, and the information to adapt the teacher framework to IMS’ specific context

NYC DOE – PS149 (2016-2019)


As a key strategy within the school’s turnaround efforts, led the development of a year-long professional learning plan along with a comprehensive series of aligned professional learning experiences designed to improve teacher practice. Outcome: All teachers participated in targeted, practical professional learning aligned to district and school initiatives.

Revive The Dream (2013-Present)


Recruit, select and lead emerging community leaders and develop them into education reform catalysts to improve the life prospects of millions of under-served American children. Provide programming to build fellows' understanding of critical education reform issues through expert speakers, research and intense cohort debates. Outcome: 96% of Revive The Dream fellows and alumni would recommend the program to a friend.

KIPP Austin Public Schools (2015-2017)


Facilitating school and network leaders to develop and pilot a teacher career pathway for KIPP Austin’s nine schools that aligns with KIPP’s strong professional culture, high expectations and commitment to teacher development. Outcome: 100% retention of Stage 4 - Distinguished Teachers and 88% of KIPP Austin Public Schools teachers feel “positive” or “very positive” about the shift to the Teacher Career Pathway. Read more here and here

Delaware Dept of Education (2015)


Led the research, design and implementation of a new evaluator certification assessment for administrators statewide who complete classroom observations as part of the Delaware Performance Appraisal System (DPAS II). In order to ensure that all students have a great teacher, the new credentialing process includes authentic assessment opportunities designed to support high-quality teacher development. Outcome: Credentialed more than 60 new evaluators across the state. 

DREAM Charter Schools (2014-2016)

clients-dream (1)

Facilitated the design and pilot of a new model for teacher development and recognition that utilizes the schools’ existing instructional and professional competencies. Currently leading the design of evaluation frameworks and differentiated compensation models for managers of teachers, operations leaders, and additional non-instructional school-based staff.Outcome: 94% of teachers feel positive about the Teacher Career Pathway.

Boston Prep (2014-2015)


Guided the development of a comprehensive teacher evaluation and development framework aligned to a rigorous and motivating career pathway.   Outcome: All teachers receive high-quality personalized development designed to define, develop, and recognize excellence.

Education Counsel (2014-2015)


Partnered with the EducationCounsel on a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded initiative to support states in their teacher professional learning redesign.  Outcome: Three leading states (Florida, Tennessee and Delaware) defined and implemented their vision for professional learning and we developed a framework and tools that can be used by states nationwide.  

BECDA (2019)


Facilitated a strategic planning retreat for the Brooklyn Early Childhood Directors Association (BECDA) to more clearly articulate the purpose and vision for the group and to name annual priorities, measures of success, and a plan to achieve those priorities. Hendy also supported BECDA to develop their first leadership team and facilitated the election for those new roles. Outcome: 100% positive feedback from meeting participants on the meeting facilitation. Leadership in place and more effective management of the organization. 

Hartford Public Schools (2013)


Led district portfolio directors to design an observation pre and post-conference protocol that supports teacher feedback and development rather than solely teacher evaluation. Outcome: 100% of portfolio directors said meeting with Hendy was “extremely” or “very” helpful in designing an improved teacher debrief protocol.

KIPP Foundation (2013)


Co-designed teacher career pathway convening for five KIPP regions and led participants through sessions on pathway design and on change management. Provided follow-up technical assistance to participating regions specific to their current needs. Outcome: Following successful convening, hired to facilitate KIPP Austin in their design and pilot.

Coney Island Prep (2013-2015)


Facilitated the design and implementation of a teacher and a school leader evaluation model based on national best practices and teacher input. Developed a teacher career pathway that recognizes teacher excellence and is now in year one of implementation. Outcome: 91% of teachers rated their observation experience an A+, A or B.

Rodel Foundation (2013-2015)


In 2013, led four independent charter schools to design a shared alternative teacher evaluation and earn approval by the Delaware Dept of Education. Over the next three years, led principals to successfully implement the development and evaluation model, earning statewide recognition and becoming a model for other charters and districts. Outcome: 95% of teachers feel “positive” to “very positive” about the shift to their new teacher evaluation system. Read more here and here.

NYC DOE & TNTP (2013)


Supported The New Teacher Project (TNTP) in their work with NYC’s Measures of Student Learning communications and training for MOSL specialists, district leaders, school leaders and teachers. Outcome: 75,000 teachers have access to information about their impact on student academic growth that can help them to improve their practice.

Delaware Dept of Education (2013)


Developed several lesson observation rubric options for the state based on national best practice research, state law and teacher feedback. Outcome: Implementation of the rubric in 10 charter schools to assess validity, impact on teacher practice, ease of implementation and impact on inter-rater reliability.