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Our Services


Engage in design, planning, and implementation support to help you meet your talent goals, including development, evaluation, compensation, career pathways, and retention.

Academic Strategy

Collaborate with you to set academic vision and strategy and then support the design, training, and implementation of your academic program.

Leadership Development

Provide one-on-one coaching for school and district leaders, customized to their unique needs, and facilitation of collaborative cohorts to learn and problem-solve with peers.

Professional Learning

Create and facilitate professional learning opportunities for educators of all levels on both talent and academic topics.

Strategic Planning

Partner with you to articulate goals and a clear plan for your organization, and support improvements to staffing plans and processes to make them a reality.

What Our Clients Report


report that they are extremely or very likely to refer Hendy Avenue Consulting to others.


report their experience working with Hendy Avenue Consulting was extremely or very positive.


report that without Hendy Avenue Consulting, their project would not have happened or would have been less successful.


clients funding projects internally report that support from Hendy Avenue Consulting is worth the financial investment.

Who We've Worked With

Breakthrough Public Schools
KIPP Colorado
KC Prep
Meeting Street
PAVE Schools

What Clients Are Saying

“Sarah is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field about the design and implementation of educator effectiveness systems. In addition to her deep content knowledge and experience, she has great operational judgment and a keen, practical sense of how to get things done. She is also always a pleasure to work with. I recommend her heartily!”

Dan Weisberg

Former CEO, TNTP

“Hendy has provided high quality support for the entire duration of the pandemic. They were flexible and accommodating as our needs shifted due to circumstances beyond our control. We are excited to continue to work together to help our school leaders prepare to welcome students and staff back for a new school year."

Mike Herring

Executive Director of Teacher Effectiveness, Chicago Public Schools

"We could not have done the work without Hendy Avenue Consulting. The support, organization, and perspective was invaluable to our organization. We would definitely recommend working with their consultants!"

Ashley Davis

Co-President, Brooklyn Early Childhood Directors Association (BECDA)

"Jessica Wilson's extensive expertise and ability to navigate ambiguity with grace and calm made her an indispensable resource to our network. She always thought about processes 3-5 steps beyond her contracted time with us in order to set us up for success even after she was gone. I look forward to working with Hendy again in the future."

Jacqueline Younker

Chief Talent Officer, Democracy Prep

"Hendy Avenue Consulting helped bring to life our vision of establishing school based DEI goals and leaders leading through a lens of equity."

Jennice Hyde

Managing Director of Talent, Hebrew Public Schools

"Sarah has been phenomenal to get to work with - super clear and strategic, incredibly thorough follow-up, and helpful perspective and humor!"

Tom Krebs

Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy

“One of our mission-critical partners at the Delaware Department of Education has been Hendy Avenue Consulting. Hendy’s leadership is comprised of people who have designed, led, and refined tools with high degrees of success. Their expertise, notably in the arena of educator effectiveness and professional learning, has been invaluable.”

Christopher Ruszkowski

former New Mexico Public Education Secretary (former Chief Officer, Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit at the Delaware Department of Education

"Our Hendy consultant has been a collaborator and thought partner in the process of taking teacher evaluation practices and turning them into opportunities for coaching yielding measurable improvements. His guidance in this process has helped us become more accountable, consistent and thoughtful about continuous improvement."

Jill M. Lenihan

Instructional Coach, Academia Antonia Alonso Charter School

“KIPP Austin has benefited tremendously from the expert consulting and support of the Hendy Avenue team. The resources and best practices they made available to us led to a comprehensive plan for the implementation of our own Teacher Career Pathway and the opportunity to learn from those that have designed and implemented similar systems in their districts already. Working with Sarah is a dream; she is smart, organized, and optimistic – all qualities you need to take an undertaking of this size from an idea to a reality!”

Emily Schneider-Krzys

former Senior Director of Talent, KIPP Austin Public Schools

"The team at Hendy Avenue is professional, thoughtful, and operate as a fluid team. They helped us not only to be strategic to get the job done, but pushed us to think about how we would grow and develop our strategy to moving our work forward in the future."

Kim Kassnove

former Chief Talent Officer, Hebrew Public Schools

"Erica's partnership has been invaluable this year! I would not have been able to be successful without her - I'm grateful for her critical lens, her collaborative spirit, and her determination to get the work right!"

Katie Carpenter

KIPP Texas Public Schools

“Sarah has been an invaluable resource in spearheading Coney Island Prep’s work to revamp our teacher evaluation system. She brought with her a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and has a unique ability to think about such a system from a variety of perspectives, including new teachers, veteran teachers, teacher coaches, and principals. Sarah took the time to learn about what makes Coney Island Prep different and unique, listened to what we wanted to get out of a new evaluation system, and worked to achieve that. We would not have been able to do this work without her.”

Jake Mnookin

Founder and former Executive Director, Coney Island Prep

“I trust Hendy to take care of it all!”

Daniella Steinberg

Hebrew Language Academy Charter School

"Being part of the CTO cohort experience was incredibly impactful on my leadership."

Ross Thomason

Chief Talent Officer, Coney Island Prep

"Hendy is worth the bang for the buck! They are extremely organized and accommodating and knowledgeable!"

Evelyn A. Edney, Ed.D.

Principal, Dover High School

"Hendy Avenue Consulting provided services that were insightful, results-oriented, and thorough. Their support in management, implementation, and monitoring was instrumental in providing direction to help our team in the work of teacher evaluation. Very professional partners who invested in our work as if it was their own."

Angela Socorso

Delaware Department of Education

"Hendy Avenue training, collaboration, and feedback are first rate and important for helping Positive Outcomes Charter School move our teachers to the fullest potential."

Steve Norman

Dean of Academics and Instruction, Positive Outcomes Charter School

"Very quickly into our project, it felt as if Hendy Consulting was just an extension of our team. The mutual give-and-take of ideas and sharing of tasks--in addition to the strategic thought-partnering--is what led to the efficient, impactful success of our project."

Joshua Taton

Independence Mission Schools

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