Individualized, mission-driven coaching that delivers results.

Leadership is the key to success in any organization. Effective leaders set the vision, guide the culture and cultivate a community where people can thrive - and they get results. At Hendy Avenue Consulting, we support leaders in realizing their full potential and maximizing their impact. We offer individualized, high-impact coaching that supports professional and personal growth toward that individual’s fullest potential.

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Hendy Avenue coaching is...


We build trusting relationships with the leaders we coach and then work arm in arm with them to ensure they receive the support and direct feedback needed in service of continued improvement and growth.



We maximize impact by ensuring that we are data-driven, outcomes oriented, and that the leader’s goals are aligned with the broader goals of the team and the organization.


We seek to understand the context of the organization, the personal skills of the leader, and tailor our plan to meet the specific needs of the leader and their goals.

Who We Work With

Hendy coaches a wide range of education professionals including:

  • CEOs/Superintendents
  • Chief Academic Officers
  • Chief Talent Officers
  • State-level project managers
  • Academic content leaders
  • Principals and School Leaders
  • Teacher coaches (Vice Principals, Deans)
  • K-12 classroom teachers

Interested in Coaching?

If you’re interested in partnering with a Hendy coach, please reach out to to learn more. We will help you identify the right coach and best structure to help you meet your goals.

Coaching Partnerships Available

Executive Leadership Coaching:

Through regular individualized virtual coaching sessions, Hendy coaches support academic, talent, and organization leaders to set clear goals, develop their leadership skills, effectively manage their team, problem-solve challenges, and achieve their goals. For example, a Leadership Coaching session may focus on how to motivate, support, and hold accountable an underperforming member of the team. The skill development is highly transferable to any role the leader holds now and in the future. This investment in an organization's leaders results in greater impact, satisfaction, and retention.

Content-Focused Coaching (Academics and Talent):

As former senior leaders in talent and academics in both districts and CMOs, the Hendy team provides focused coaching and feedback related to talent and academic strategies and deliverables. For example, a Content-Focused Coaching session with a talent leader may focus on feedback on draft revisions to the school leader evaluation rubric and discussing how other successful LEAs have trained and calibrated school leader managers around their evaluation systems.

Instructional Coaching:

As former excellent teachers, teacher coaches, school leaders, and district-level academic leaders, Hendy’s team successfully coaches individual teachers and/or teacher coaches through regular cycles of lesson planning, intellectual prep, modeling, in-person observation, and feedback.

Project Embedded Coaching:

Our consulting contracts result in clear deliverables and achievement of shared goals. In addition, most of our consulting work also focuses on building the knowledge and skills of those who are leading the work internally. Our goal is to ensure that the work continues successfully long after the conclusion of Hendy’s role in the project. We coach the project leaders to be ready and able to drive the work forward in the future.

Coaching Testimonials

"Jeremy is one of the best coaches I have worked with in my career. He is not only knowledgeable but is ready and willing to model and guide. He asks questions that deepen my thinking of a topic. I enjoy working with him."

Instructional Leader

"Erica is so wonderful! She is a great listener and takes our context into account really well. She has pushed me to think through things on a systems-level, which is the direction our organization really needs to go. Her feedback is direct, clear, and strategic. I am so grateful for her this year!"

Chief Academic Officer

"Erica is a phenomenal coach and anyone heading a curriculum team or looking to launch a school should consult with her."

Managing Director of Schools

"Rachel is such an amazing thought-partner and coach. It has been so helpful for me to have a seasoned Talent partner to connect with this past year."

Chief Talent Officer

"I'm a different leader because of Erica. I appreciate her insight in every interaction and trust her completely."

Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction

"I really don't think that I have adequate words to express the benefits I receive from Jeremy's coaching. His coaching style is so warm, natural, and enjoyable. I feel that every session spent with him is time well spent and I have never left a session not learning something new."

Instructional Leader

"Jessica provided outstanding service. Jessica was most valuable in keeping me organized and directed to meet timelines and milestones. Her specific strength was in looking at the big picture and planning for long-term goals."

Senior State Department of Education Leader

"Sarah has been phenomenal to get to work with - super clear and strategic, incredibly thorough follow-up, and helpful perspective and humor!"

CMO Executive Director

Interested in Coaching?

If you’re interested in partnering with a Hendy coach, please reach out to to learn more. We will help you identify the right coach and best structure to help you meet your goals.

"Coaching is about helping people discover and unleash their own potential."