Addressing Learning Gaps Cohorts

By Hendy Avenue | May 4, 2021

The Challenge: The global pandemic has significantly impacted teaching and learning, leading to significant learning loss and increased inequities. There is a shared assumption that students, particularly those students who were already underserved, have fallen behind. The challenge is that (1) we don’t yet know how far behind they are, (2) we don’t fully understand…

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Collaborating to Examine Teacher Observation Rubrics for Equity

By Hendy Avenue | April 13, 2021

As an organization that strives to be anti-racist and to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in our work, our Hendy team has taken a close look at our priorities and projects to determine how we can take steps to actively help create anti-racist schools. We believe that every organization should consider where they have…

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Team Spotlight: Meet Sarah Rosskamm

By Hendy Avenue | December 16, 2020

You’ve met Jessica, Erica, and Jeremy, and now it’s my turn to share! I founded Hendy Avenue Consulting almost 8 years ago and never imagined the amazing team and clients we have today. I’m excited to share with you a bit about how I started and what drives me in this work. It’s great to…

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Self-Care and Team-Care: Maintaining Well-Being, Energy, and Mental Health

By Hendy Avenue | December 14, 2020

This year is hard. Really, really hard. It’s been hard on you and it’s been hard on your team. And yet, because of the young lives at stake in our work, we must carry on. How we approach our commitment to our students will determine whether we are successful now and whether we can continue…

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Team Spotlight: Meet Jeremy Abarno

By Hendy Avenue | November 30, 2020

Today I’d like to introduce you to Hendy’s Jeremy Abarno. Jeremy is an exceptional teammate who joined us in 2019 and brings an incredible ability to really see people and help them meet their goals. He also truly loves to geek out on math instruction and loves a good number story! Jeremy is currently supporting…

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Team Spotlight: Meet Erica Murphy

By Hendy Avenue | November 12, 2020

Today we’re highlighting our newest member of the Hendy team, Erica Murphy, who joined us from Ascend Public Schools. Erica is currently supporting our long-term partner, KIPP Texas Public Schools, to effectively integrate and implement their Teacher Career Pathway across their four regions and also to develop a plan to improve new teacher retention and…

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Team Spotlight: Meet Jessica Wilson

By Hendy Avenue | October 29, 2020

In this blog series, we’re introducing you to the incredible people who make up the Hendy Avenue Consulting team. To kick us off, we’re excited to introduce you to Jessica Wilson, who joined Hendy in September 2017 and has supported a broad range of clients including the Delaware Department of Education, Breakthrough Public Schools and Independence Mission Schools. Jess is super smart, incredibly witty, a dedicated teammate, and deeply dedicated to students. She makes our whole team better every day

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Webinar - Identifying Best Practices in Remote Instruction.pptx

Resources: Emerging Best Practices in Remote Instruction

By Hendy Avenue | October 20, 2020

In October 2020, Hendy’s Jeremy Abarno and Erica Murphy led a webinar on identifying emerging best practices in remote instruction. This interactive session included teachers and leaders from state departments of education, large and small school districts, charter management organizations and supporting organizations. The session focused on two key strategies for remote instruction – student…

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Hendy Webinar: Oct 14 & 15: Identifying Emerging Best Practices in Remote Instruction

By Hendy Avenue | October 1, 2020

Classrooms have gone virtual and teachers are quickly learning how to make the most of this new learning environment. Through their efforts, best practices are emerging that lead to both stronger studentengagement and deeper learning.  Please join as we explore three key strategies for remote learning: effectively engaging students, and differentiating based on student needs.…

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Hendy Avenue: Fall 2020 Update

By Hendy Avenue | September 14, 2020

Dear colleagues and friends, We’re sending all of you our very best today, knowing this time has been challenging in so many ways. We hope you and your families are healthy, safe, and energized to make change. Please know we’re right here with you and are happy to help however we can. And for all the…

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