Supporting great teaching, leading, and learning

We partner with schools, networks, districts, and states along our five core pillars of work, each designed to support great teaching, leading, and learning:

Talent Strategy

Engage in design, planning, and implementation support to help you meet your talent goals, including development, evaluation, compensation, career pathways, and retention.

Academic Strategy

Collaborate with you to set academic vision and strategy and then support the design, training, and implementation of your academic program.

Leadership Development

Provide one-on-one coaching for school and district leaders, customized to their unique needs, and facilitation of collaborative cohorts to learn and problem-solve with peers.

Professional Learning

Create and facilitate professional learning opportunities for educators of all levels on both talent and academic topics.

Strategic Planning

Partner with you to articulate goals and a clear plan for your organization, and support improvements to staffing plans and processes to make them a reality.

The Hendy Methodology

Understanding Your Needs

We will first work with you to clearly define the problem and to understand the current strengths and challenges in the system in order to create a plan customized to best meet the needs of schools and teachers.

Utilizing Research and Best Practices

We are committed to using national best practices to support the work. In addition to published research, this also includes utilizing our extensive network of leaders in the field and working with the best vendors.

Focusing on the “How”: Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement

We have a strong focus on change management, transparent communication strategies and continuous feedback because we believe that success ultimately lies in how teachers and leaders experience the change.  Therefore, we work directly with teachers and leaders (or support you to work with them) to gather their input and build their investment.

Commitment and Collaboration

The strong commitment of all stakeholders – from teachers and school leaders to union leadership and district leadership – is required for success. Therefore, we work with you to build commitment and opportunities for collaboration across stakeholder groups.

Learning and Improving

We strongly believe in a continuous improvement model where we can learn quickly and improve our model to best meet teacher and school needs. Whenever possible, we will build piloting into the design process and work with you to modify and improve your customized model.

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning."

Brad Henry