Announcing our 2021-2022 Chief Academic Officer Cohort

We believe leaders need other leaders. Learning alongside trusted colleagues in similar roles, leaders sharpen their vision, build their skills, exchange resources, problem solve, build relationships, and feel more fulfilled in their work. Building on the successes of our other cohorts and with the generous support of the Charter School Growth Fund, Hendy is proud to introduce our inaugural Chief Academic Officer Cohort.

The 2021-2022 Chief Academic Officer Cohort members are:

  • Andrew McRae – Breakthrough Schools
  • Anjya Thomas – Ascend Learning
  • Eric Green – Coney Island Prep
  • Emily Fernandez – Hebrew Public Schools
  • Jonathan McIntosh – Prospect Schools
  • Katie Severn – DC Prep
  • Leah Peters – KIPP Colorado

These incredible leaders have a shared commitment to working together to solve common challenges and creating more equitable opportunities for all children. Cohort members will come together for virtual monthly cohort sessions led by Hendy’s expert facilitators, who themselves have been C-level executives in high performing charter school networks. This program is unique in that it is responsive to member needs, builds lasting relationships, provides both immediately helpful resources as well as long-term, philosophical considerations, builds leader skill as team leaders and senior organization leaders, integrates the roles of talent in academics, and includes a commitment to distributing our learning to benefit a broader audience outside of the cohort (stay tuned!). Our first session is in September and we can’t wait to get started!