Announcing our 2023-2024 Chief Academic Officer Cohort

The Hendy team is proud to announce the wonderful academic leaders joining our third Chief Academic Officer Cohort:

  • Kate Finley – DC International
  • Nora French – Urban Community School
  • Brittney Jean-Louis – Etoile Academy Charter School
  • Cassie Pergament – DC Prep Charter Schools
  • Katelyn McGrath – Mastery Charter Schools
  • Lex Zain – LION Charter School

The CAO Cohort is once again being led by Erica Murphy and Jonathan McIntosh. Erica is a member of the Hendy team and former academic leader for Ascend and Jonathan is the former CAO of Prospect Schools and an alumnus of our 2021-2022 CAO Cohort.

The CAO Cohort is a place for leaders to learn, reflect, grow, and share. And to do so alongside other leaders who understand the unique challenges faced by academic leaders today. Over the course of 9 facilitated sessions, CAOs exchange resources, solve problems, and build relationships.

You can learn more about our CAO Cohort and all of the Hendy cohort groups on our website.

Kate, Nora, Brittney, Cassie, Katelyn, and Lex – we can’t wait to begin this journey with you!