Hendy’s DEIB Vision and Definitions

Hendy Avenue Consulting is committed to diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and belonging in our client partnerships, in the cohorts we lead, and in our own team of consultants and subcontractors. In fall 2023, the Hendy team reviewed and updated our DEIB vision and definitions and how we engage with our partners to support their DEIB goals. We are sharing our vision and definitions with you in the hopes that they will be helpful in your work as anti-racist leaders and champions of equity.


Our work is about equity. We are supporting educators to create equitable opportunities for students.
Therefore, it’s our responsibility and commitment to understand and support our partners with their existing DEIB priorities and to support them to be leaders for equity in schools.

Key Definitions & Application to our Work

Diversity: Differences and variations found in a group. Differences include (1) social identities: gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disabilities, class, geography, etc. and (2) other personal attributes: expertise, values, worldviews, mindsets, ethics, experiences, etc.

  • At Hendy, we believe that bringing together diverse life experiences and perspectives strengthens our work. Therefore, we seek to have a diverse team of consultants and subcontractors, and to serve an identity diverse set of clients and cohort members.

Equity: All individuals, regardless of any social or cultural factor, have access, opportunities, and are able to achieve success by (1) removing any predictability of success or failure that currently correlates with social or cultural identity markers and (2) interrupting unfair practices and eliminating biases.

  • At Hendy, we believe education has the power to significantly improve one’s life outcomes. We seek to create and support equitable educational opportunities for students who have traditionally been underserved in communities around the country. We do this by way of our work with leaders, encouraging and modeling for them how to critically evaluate, lift up, and address bias perpetuating and inequitable practices. Through our work in partnership with leaders, we ensure diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and belonging are lenses through which we view not only what we want to accomplish, but how we get there and the processes and practices we utilize.

Inclusiveness: Valuing the perspectives and contributions of all people, incorporating the needs and viewpoints of the full diversity of the organization. A culture intentionally co-created by every member of the group, not merely the invitation for minoritized peoples to be present in an existing space. A culture that enables different people to belong and operate in self-determined authentic ways. 

  • At Hendy, we seek to continuously improve. This includes continuing to evolve our team and encouraging it to change and improve with each team member’s contributions, and where people can bring their whole selves to the work. Similarly, our cohort cultures are co-created by every member of the group. As consultants, we support our clients to create inclusive spaces and elevate diverse voices when making decisions. As educators, we create systems and structures that drive equity and inclusion for students.

Belonging: The feeling of being valued, respected, and fully accepted as one’s authentic self within a particular community, organization, or society, regardless of one’s background, identity, or differences. It involves creating an environment where every individual has a sense of ownership, connection, and the freedom to contribute their unique perspectives and talents without fear of discrimination or exclusion.

  • At Hendy, this means that within our team and for our clients, we proactively ensure that every individual not only has a seat at the table but also genuinely feels like they belong and are an integral part of the collective whole. We foster a sense of unity, safety, and empowerment that encourages diverse individuals to thrive and contribute fully to the Hendy team and to our projects and cohorts.