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Don’t You Want to Stay? Virtual Stay Conversations as Key Teacher Retention Strategy

Teacher and staff retention is a common concern we hear from school leaders in “normal” times. One of the most efficient and lowest cost methods we have found for encouraging great teachers to stay is by holding “stay conversations”. A stay conversation is an informal chance to share how much you appreciate a teacher’s work,…


Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

7 ideas for virtual teacher appreciation week celebrations.


Yes, You Can Stop Doing That

Education leaders: You have permission to stop. It will be okay.


Consulting in the Time of Corona

We are all adjusting. You’re not alone. Take care of yourself and loved ones.

Braintrust Quote

Principals and teachers are supporting kids. Who is supporting the principals and teachers?

In times of uncertainty, we lean on each other. NYC’s Chief Talent Officer cohort is doing just that–sharing resources, problem solving and uplifting best practices to lead during the COVID crisis.


5 Recommendations for Productive Video Conferences

As a virtual-organization, we spend countless hours internally and with clients on video calls. Here are 5 suggestions from our team to ensure your experience is positive.

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6 Tips for Working from Home

The Hendy Avenue team shares six helpful tips for working from home.


From Puzzling to Problem Solving: My Growth Over Five Years at Hendy Avenue

My history with Hendy Avenue Consulting began at a coffee shop on the Lower East Side one afternoon in late 2014. I didn’t know what to expect, but thought it would be great to reconnect with Sarah, share a bit about what I had been up to professionally, hear about her work starting a consulting…

Reducing Bias

Designing Systems to Limit the Impact of Bias

In March, we wrote about how coaches and evaluators must identify, then set aside, biases in order to fairly and accurately evaluate and develop teacher practice. This critical work by individuals is powerful, but not the only tool available to leaders and policy makers in reducing bias: Specific design elements within performance management systems can…

Jeremy Abarno, Welcome To The Hendy Team!

We’re thrilled to announce that Jeremy Abarno, former Chief Talent Officer of DREAM Charter Schools in NYC, joined the Hendy team in October 2019. Jeremy will specialize in school leader coaching and development, network leader coaching (especially talent and academics), curriculum development and training, and comprehensive talent strategy and implementation. Jeremy is the smart, thoughtful…

"Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society."

Sonia Sotomayor