May 14: AI Savvy Instructional Leader Webinar

Please join us on Tuesday, May 14th from 12-1pm EST to learn more about how to develop your own AI knowledge and skills and how to lead your team to effectively access AI tools to benefit teaching and learning. Register here:

What can I expect?  
The changing landscape of technology will impact all sectors – including education. In the coming years, education leaders, districts, and schools should ask, “What problems am I facing in my endeavor to improve teaching and learning, and how can AI support me in getting better and doing better?”. Generative AI is not a silver bullet; it will not fix all educators’ challenges. But, if leveraged well, it can support educators in solving common and uncommon problems more efficiently and creatively.

Join this upcoming webinar and learn how to become an AI Savvy Instructional Leader – no prior experience with AI is necessary. We will explore how you can become an AI Savvy leader now, identify the foundational work to make your organization “ready” to use generative AI, explore ‘Dos” and “Don’ts” as you start this work, and share resources to improve teaching and learning. This session will be led by Erica Murphy who leads Hendy’s CAO Cohort and our AI for Equity Instructional Leader Working Group.
Who is it good for?
– Any instructional leaders at the school or network/district level.
– No prior experience with AI is necessary.
– Leaders eager for concrete resources to develop their knowledge and comfort with generative AI.  
– Leaders seeking guidance on where to start in their AI journey (at their school or organization).

How can I join?  
Please sign up to join this FREE webinar. Space is limited so please register as soon as possible to secure your spot.
CAO Cohort Members

Announcing our 2022-2023 Chief Academic Officer Cohort

The Hendy team is proud to announce the talented academic leaders chosen to be a part of the 2022-2023 Chief Academic Officer Cohort:

  • Dr. Saskia Brown – Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy
  • Dr. Megan Frankiewicz – Vista College Prep
  • Ben Johnson – Ingenuity Prep
  • Jeremy Jones – Eagle College Prep
  • Crystal Lane – DREAM
  • Nate Lowry – Academies of Math and Science

The CAO Cohort is led by Erica Murphy and Jonathan McIntosh. Erica is a member of the Hendy team and former academic leader for Ascend and Jonathan is the current CAO of Prospect Schools and a member of our 2021-2022 CAO Cohort.

The Cohort is a place for leaders to learn, reflect, grow, and share. And to do so alongside other leaders who understand the unique challenges faced by academic leaders today. Over the course of 9 facilitated sessions, CAOs exchange resources, solve problems, and build relationships.

Our goals are for CAOs to:

  • Establish a vision of excellence for the CAO role and its components (e.g., vision setting, team building, instructional management, culture building, data analysis, reflection and action-planning). 
  • Establish relationships with CAOs nationally – participants become “thought partners” and confidantes for each other, during and post cohort. 
  • Share resources, perspectives, ideas, thoughts, approaches on all things related to the role.
  • Receive structured PD on innovative research and ideas.

We look forward to learning alongside these wonderful leader and can’t wait to kick off our first cohort session on September 22nd!