Welcome to the Hendy Avenue Blog

Welcome to Hendy Avenue Consulting’s new blog!

Over the past four years, we have have been fortunate to partner with wonderful school systems across the country to help them grow and retain talent.  And we’ve learned a lot! We are excited to launch this site as an opportunity to share what we’re learning, disseminate research, highlight best practices, present case studies of promising practices and post interviews with leaders in the field.

In the coming weeks, we will publish posts on how school systems can put teacher development at the core of evaluations, a case study of how KIPP Austin is investing in teachers, and a run-down of some of the recent research we have been reading.

We hope you enjoy each post, leave comments, and share with those in your network.

At Hendy Avenue Consulting, we believe that investing in talent has the potential to dramatically change the landscape of education in our country and the lives of millions of children. You can learn more about us and our work here.